I don’t know about you, but my car will start having problems at the most inopportune times! And sometimes, it’s my fault for failing to get that tune-up recommended by the mechanic at my last oil change. That tune-up keeps the engine running smoothly, and is also a way to identify issues that might never have been found otherwise that could cause permanent damage.

Your career can be the same. You gradually become aware that something isn’t “right”, but you aren’t sure what it is. You keep plugging away at your job, and things start to sputter. Eventually, you realize that you aren’t going anywhere. What should you do before there’s permanent damage to your future?

A Career Coach can help you “tune-up” your career by looking at the overall picture of your job history and current position, checking your skills to see if they are current, evaluating the things that need to change, and figuring out how to change them.

Coaching services are one-on-one tutoring sessions custom designed to address your specific areas of concern in the job search. They are interactive and personalized. You can even get accountability sessions to keep you on track with the projects you should be completing, which can be beneficial if you don’t have a good track record of following through on your own. Because the coach is an experienced, credentialed expert you will not be wasting money or time.

So, how do you assess a Career Coach to determine if they are qualified? Think about the best coach you’ve had (or wish your child had).

  1. They should be an encourager – A coach offers specific encouragement, teaching skills, and clarifies instructions to reach the goal, to become good team players. Since they are not on the team, they can see the big picture and identify specific ways you can improve.
  2. They aren’t trying to clone themselves – A coach isn’t trying to make a mini-me. They don’t come to the session with an agenda. Instead, they learn what your goals are and help you figure out how to achieve them. They listen FIRST. They identify individual abilities and enhance the skills of each person to their unique best.
  3. They are an expert – They have experience and the education to back it up. They should freely share their credentials and testimonials. Happy customers are the best way to sell their product. You may want to hire them for a small job to see how they fit your personality.

The expertise and encouragement of a board-certified coach is an investment that makes a difference in your career. If you feel like your career may be stalled, or you need an outside perspective of someone who can pinpoint the things that are holding your career back, a Career Coach may be for you.