Cover Letters

Is the cover letter dead? Some people seem to think so, but in reality about 1/3 of today’s employers still require applicants to send a cover letter with the resume, especially small businesses, schools, and churches. It’s one of the three basic tools required for job search.

In some cases, the cover letter may make the difference between receiving a call for an interview or not. Today, there are different types of cover letters including an email cover letter, networking letter, broadcast and prospecting letter, resume letter, and job ad reply letters. A cover letter can be used in any of the following ways:

  • As an introductory e-mail
  • As an additional marketing tool detailing success stories
  • Explain any unusual circumstances in your work history

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I am very proud to tell you that I found a new job in the world of Landscaping. In fact, I am the new Sales Executive for a company called… (removed for privacy), … and am working out of their Alexandria branch office. I am now designing roof top gardens in Washington DC., and so much more for big business buildings, Embassies, etc. All, Thanks to your help with my résumé.
B.S., Landscape Designer, Maryland


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