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Job search is no longer about having the resume open doors. It requires a triple threat offense comprised of social networking, personal branding, and a pro-active, plan of attack.


94% of recruiters search talent on LinkedIn. Will they find you?


You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself in any direction you choose.


Dr. Seuss

What is career management?

Career Management goes beyond partnering with someone to develop a resume, cover letter, or LinkedIn profile for your job search. Career Management requires you to think beyond your next JOB and challenges you to explore your values, set goals, and believe that you can obtain the ideal career you have always wanted. It’s not an “I think I can” mentality; it’s an “I KNOW I can” mentality.

It’s a strategic partnership.

This is an investment in yourself in helping you make a long-term career move. Career Management is a combination of research, soul searching, looking inward, and looking outward. It’s asking yourself about what you value, where you want to be, developing a plan, and setting goals.

It’s life changing.

Your next career and job move will have a life-changing impact on your overall wellbeing. You have an opportunity to take control of your professional life and personal life with one decision. The decision can impact you for months and even years down the road.

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The What, Who, How, and Why of Job Search

Our Clients

Our best clients are those who value master level expertise and want to make an investment into their careers. Because most of the services include strategic coaching to help you map out a plan and understand your value in the marketplace, we can assist professionals in multiple industries. From entry-level recent graduates to C-level professionals and everything in between, Chesapeake Career Management Services can help.

Invest Your Time in Preparing for a Job Search…It’s Worth It!

One of the worst things anyone can do when searching for a new job is sending in resumes randomly. Not only will the chances of landing an interview at one of those companies be very low, but it’s only going to prolong the job search process. Taking the time to...

Current Trends on Resume Length and Formats

 We are constantly asked questions about the right length for a resume or what are the current trends for resume formats. Executives who haven’t had to update their resume in a while have more questions than answers when it comes to formatting. The best executive...

How May I Serve You?

I was asked a question today that I don’t think anyone has ever asked me in an honest and sincere way. That question was, “What do you need from me? How can I help you?” My pastor’s question stopped me cold in my tracks. I'm not sure I can recall a time where anyone,...

Walking by Faith – Career

Luke 12:27 "Consider the lilies, how they grow: they neither toil or spin; yet I tell you, even Solomon in all his glory was not clothed like one of these." Can you think of a time when you ever truly had to walk by faith and not by site? It's a very scary place to be...

What Clients Say About Us

My old resume was like driving a mid-80’s Ford that was missing a couple of cylinders and Beth gave me a Ferrari… I highly recommend Chesapeake Career Management Services.
G.A., Chief Operating Officer, Massachusetts

I am excited to tell you that I accepted a job at a major national consulting firm. I am confident that my resume, LinkedIn profile and Win the View were all invaluable elements of my successful job search. Thank you for your help.
J.R., Communications Executive, Virginia

After working with you, I started to literally get bombarded with calls and emails from recruiters. It’s pretty exciting. I feel like I can be selective and really decide which role is the perfect one for me…needless to say, I really feel my resume is really working for me, because, in fact, I feel as though I’m not job searching; people are searching for me! That’s a great feeling. I’ve had people find me on LinkedIn and contact me based on my new profile, as well.
N.B., Manager of a National Retail Chain, Maryland


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