Utilizing LinkedIn to the fullest extent is more important than many executives realize. In fact, many professionals aren’t aware of the value of posting LinkedIn updates, which is different from updating your profile. LinkedIn updates give you the opportunity to let your network know what’s going on in your professional life. When it comes to c-level personal branding, the more your name is visible with your connections, the easier it will be for them to remember you and see you as a successful professional. Here are some ways LinkedIn updates can boost your c-level personal branding.

Stay Top-of-Mind With Your Connections

The old saying “out-of-sight, out-of-mind” is true when you’re talking about personal branding as well. The more your connections see your name, the more likely they will be to click on your profile to see exactly what you’re up to. Before advertising your LinkedIn profile, be sure you’ve visited a LinkedIn profile writing service so it is optimized for viewing. The only thing to remember is you don’t want to post so many updates that your name popping up becomes an annoyance. I see those on there from time to time and scroll on by–especially if they are opinion pieces and not a helpful/interesting post. Making one or two LinkedIn updates every week is a great habit to get into.

Types of Updates

Does the thought of posting something on LinkedIn prompt brain freeze? Commenting, liking, and engaging are easy. Coming up with content for a post can feel daunting.
While you don’t want to use LinkedIn to continually self-promote, what you post, share, comment, and like helps build your reputation as a thought leader in your field and deepens relationships.

Here are some ideas to get your creativity flowing:

✔️Share a post you enjoyed.
✔️Share a video you learned from.
✔️Share statistics from something in your industry.
✔️Share statistics about something you recently read about.
✔️Write about something you feel strongly about.
✔️Ask a question.
✔️Start a poll.
✔️Make a Top 10, 20, 50 or 100 list.
✔️Make a list of your favorite companies.
✔️ Share an event.
✔️List your Top 10 Job Search/Interviewing hacks.
✔️ List a roundup (and tag) your favorite industry expert.
✔️ Share your worst interview or your best interview.
✔️ Share how you stay productive working from home.
✔️ Share your favorite technology for working from home.
✔️ Share advice about your job search or your industry.
✔️ Start a Live.
✔️ Crowdsource for the best advice in your industry.
✔️ Answer common questions about your field/job.

Write a list of Do’s and Don’ts about something you learned from or know a lot about.
– Take a selfie or video from a cool location and talk about your expertise
– Talk about a product you love.
– Create a series of posts on one topic.
– Share a quote and talk about why it is meaningful to you.
– Share a personal story relating to something you now do for a living.
Keep your updates professional, and you’ll be boosting your c-level personal branding every time you post one.

Updates Don’t Have To Be Job Search Related

LinkedIn updates can be utilized whether you’re actively searching for a job or not. Just because you’ve updated your executive profile doesn’t necessarily mean you’re advertising yourself for new opportunities. And if you are in an active job search while currently employed, it’s important to remember to keep your posts neutral so it doesn’t appear as if you are searching for a new job. You are a professional in your industry, so there’s never any harm in updating your network with your accomplishments or achievements. You can also use LI to share different articles you’ve read or comment on posts and articles that pertain to your field, showcasing your expertise.


If you regularly post items of interest on your profile, add connections,  and keep your profile up-to-date with your latest achievements, when you ARE in an active job search, no one will suspect when you add new information to your LI profile.