If every job seeker had a crystal ball, they could understand what recruiters and hiring managers looked for in potential candidates. This would make everyone’s lives much easier and the hiring process much faster. While you may not know a lot of the specific characteristics or qualities recruiters are looking for, you can get a general idea of what you need to include on your LinkedIn profile. A common misconception among executives is they should only write in a professional tone and talk about their achievements. This is only one aspect of what recruiters usually look for, though. Here are some of the other components that are always taken into consideration.

Positive Attitude

You should know by now that everything you put online lives forever. People are always cautioned, even as young as teenagers, to be careful what they post, because employers will look at your social media accounts. Everything you put online either helps or hurts your c-level personal branding. Even if you left a previous employer on bad terms, don’t say anything negative about them on your LinkedIn profile or anywhere else. When you bad mouth them, a recruiter can’t help but think you’ll do the same to them if things don’t go your way, so it may not even be worth the risk of talking to you. Recruiters want to hire positive people to join their team, so always keep this in mind.

Back Up Your Claims

Recruiters and hiring managers will almost always Google a name when they receive a resume of interest. So don’t be surprised when they conduct a significant amount of research on you. Help them out by giving as much information as you think they will need on your LinkedIn profile. If you claim to be an expert at something, back it up with proof. Provide a link to your blog or website, if applicable, point to an article where you were recognized. Recruiters are always going to look for social proof to back up every claim you make, so be proactive and give it to them upfront.

Personality Fit

Companies today are placing a higher emphasis on hiring people who fit their culture from a personality perspective. They want to hire people who will be there for the long haul, fit in with other employees, work as a team, and provide unique value. You can easily demonstrate your personality without getting too personal, and an executive resume writer can help you if needed. An executive resume writer will always suggest inserting some of your personality into your resume or LinkedIn profile.

There are a lot of moving parts in a job search. The main thing is to be conscious of what you put online since it will always be taken into consideration by a recruiter. And don’t be afraid to express some of your personality in your resume and LinkedIn profile to demonstrate your ability to fit in with the company culture.