LinkedIn is a top job search tool today. Even the people who understand the reasons why LinkedIn profile development is so important often don’t even utilize it to its greatest capabilities, though. Unless you work in an industry where SEO is important, then you may not know exactly how to incorporate keywords throughout your profile. This is when working with a professional LinkedIn profile writer can be extremely beneficial. Here are some of the most powerful impacts you can experience when using SEO to your advantage with LinkedIn.

Soar To The Top of Search Rankings

When searching for the right candidates, recruiters and hiring managers use a specific list of words and phrases. If your LinkedIn profile doesn’t have the words to match their criteria, then there’s a very small chance you’ll be discovered. A LinkedIn profile service can help you strategically incorporate keywords in the right places on your profile, while still making it flow naturally. The result will be your name showing up higher in the search results, so you’ll have a much higher likelihood of getting discovered.

Utilize Keywords in the Most Impactful Sections

The intricacies of LinkedIn can be tricky. You can put relevant keywords all over your profile, but if they aren’t in the right sections, you may not reap the rewards. The sections of your profile closest to the top of the page rank higher for SEO purposes, so be sure to prioritize those. The name section, job titles, professional headline and summary sections are the most important ones a professional LinkedIn profile writer will suggest incorporating the strongest possible keywords in.

Research Employers To Discover Keywords

So now you know where to place the keywords, but which keywords do you use? An experienced LinkedIn writer can be valuable to lean on, but you can also do some research on potential employers to see which terms they use. Incorporating a good mix of keywords is always good. However, you also need to make sure you’re using the ones the potential employer believes are most important as well.

There are many aspects to an effective job search, which should include LinkedIn profile development. Recruiters and hiring managers are looking for candidates with your skills, so make sure to fully optimize your profile by completing all the sections and ensuring that you have the right keywords in the correct places throughout. This is your best chance of being found by through this platform.